Timberwolf Spinners

The lure that's as cunning as a wolf.  

Just for fun


We don't pay any big stars to endorse our products, so you will have to settle for these guys.

  •  Fred sez: "Caught that on a Timberwolf, didn't ya?"

  •  Denny sez: "You'd be a damn fool if you didn't take some Timberwolves."

  •  Pappy sez: "It's a pretty good spinner."  This may seem mild, but for Pap this is a rave review.

  •  Butch sez" "Timberwolf." Usually with a fish on the line.  Butch doesn't say much.

  •  Josh sez "Timberwolf!".  This may seem the same as Butch, but with the enthusiasm of youth and loud enough for everyone around to hear.

  •  If you ask Jake what he is using anytime, anyplace, and for any fish he says "Timberwolf, what else".

  •  Levi sez: "Dem der Timberwolfs is the best spinner I gots.  I never got one caught in my head.  You can't say that about every lure!!!"  By the way, he was very upset when his father took him to the doctor to have the lure cut out instead of continuing to fish.

  •  Cody sez: "They work.  Hey, come on.  I caught a lot of stuff with them."

  •  Jim sez: "I sometimes use other lures just to give the fish a sporting chance."


He did not use a Timberwolf!

You may look like this if you don't use a Timberwolf.

This may be a record Greenfish, but it was not caught on a Timberwolf.

This guy uses a Timberwolf all the time, jus saying...



Ordering Information

Electronic mail or phone orders only
Phone or e-mail product, size, description, tail color, hook type, and quantity desired to sales@timberwolfspinners.com or 814-349-8216.  Please include your name, shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Spinners will be shipped with an invoice with the total amount due including tax and shipping.
    #1 plain silver Timberwolf, treble hook, Qty 2
    #3 gold Timberwolf, yellow tail, single hook, Qty 4
            #1 silver Timberwolf, long black tail, treble hook, Qty 1

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