Timberwolf Spinners

The lure that's as cunning as a wolf.  



Here are some tips to enhance your chances of catching fish.


  •  Different fish like different presentations.  Sometimes, the same fish like different presentations.

  •  To catch fish you have to get your spinner in front of them.  Timberwolf spinners are heavy to get down to the fish.

  •  This is on the back of the Timberwolf package for a reason.  You may need 1, 2 or more split shot to get to the bottom in fast or deep water.  You may lose a few lures, but you will catch more fish.

  •  Try different retrieve options, slow, medium, fast, smooth, or jerky.  If it is cold, slow your retrieve.

Ordering Information

Electronic mail or phone orders only
Phone or e-mail product, size, description, tail color, hook type, and quantity desired to sales@timberwolfspinners.com or 814-349-8216.  Please include your name, shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Spinners will be shipped with an invoice with the total amount due including tax and shipping.
    #1 plain silver Timberwolf, treble hook, Qty 2
    #3 gold Timberwolf, yellow tail, single hook, Qty 4
            #1 silver Timberwolf, long black tail, treble hook, Qty 1

Contact Information

Postal address
Timberwolf Spinners
180 Greenbriar Gap Road
        Spring Mills, PA 16875

Guide service available, call for details.

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